Buffalo Run

Buffalo Run is a regional retail, office and tourism destination and the very first Village at Taza to open.

Taza Exchange Character

  • Expresses the Tsuut’ina Nation’s connection to the land through storytelling
  • Develops connections to the Tsuut’ina Nation’s past and future
  • Provides a variety of retail experiences and recreation opportunities
  • Integrates art and play within open spaces
  • Provides a dynamic and animated space for tourists, including amenities and recreation

Buffalo Run

The first debuting Village of Taza

Buffalo Run is a 390-acre space that provides a one-of-a-kind blend of retail, office, and tourism offerings. Positioned at the intersection of the Stoney Trail/Tsuut’ina Trail Ring Road and Calgary’s Southwest communities of Cedarbrae and Woodbine, this expansive community serves as a major hub for high-quality shopping, dining, and recreation.

Featuring The Shops At Buffalo Run

The Shops at Buffalo Run, the first district of Taza Exchange, will include ~257,000 square feet of development adjacent to the new Costco. Construction is continuing into next year, with tenant announcements beginning in early 2022!


Cultural Significance of the Xani-tii

Inspired by the power and splendour of the buffalo and its roaming spirit—The Shops at Buffalo Run honours this extraordinary connection with the land, the sky and all living things.

The Tsuut’ina story “Be the Buffalo” describes how this creature, when faced with a storm, will battle through it head on. They are the only animal known to do this; most animals will either attempt to outrun the storm or avoid it all together.

“Our ancestors laid the groundwork for us to be able to make the choices we are making today”
– Chief Roy Whitney, Tsuut’ina Nation

Together at Taza

Something wondrous is coming…

Building on over 50 years of economic development and planning by Tsuut’ina, a genuine partnership was formed with Taza Development Corp. to plan, finance and develop Taza along the path of Tsuut’ina Trail, a component of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road highway expansion. This partnership thrives on a generosity of spirit at every exchange, setting the tone for something wondrous to come.

Taza is one of the largest First Nation developments in North America. Its legacy is founded on a set of standards that define an innovative framework to champion all Indigenous communities to further transform and thrive.

Project Pillars

Community and Connectivity

Building on over 50 years of economic development, with direct Ring Road access to three distinct Villages that include high-value real estate, vibrant outdoor spaces, centres for innovation, wellness destinations and more.

Cultural Influences

Bridging advancement through deep ties to tradition, resilience and a shared vision of the Tsuut’ina people.

Nature and Connection to the Land

Connection to nature inspires a commitment to sustainability targeting a net-zero carbon footprint by 2030.

Economic Diversity

Affordability, competitive taxation, and deliberate reinvestment will spur economic impact to fund the future and continue to extend the ripple of success for generations to come.

Sustainability Strategy

Īts’īdīts’í Nìsk’ā K’ānàts’īnó K’āsōnà

Taza reflects the authentic and aspirational vision of the Tsuut’ina Nation to be North America’s Indigenous leader of carbon neutral/near net zero energy buildings by 2030.

The land, water, air, animals and plant-life must be protected, restored, and enhanced throughout all the built environments on this territory. This includes a long-term plan to reach overall carbon neutrality across all sectors including all forms of energy, transition, and energy grid development/storage and an investigation of carbon capture targets for the Nation.


Stay Connected

With over 1,200 acres and three distinct Villages, the master planned development of Taza holds endless possibility. Provide your information in the form and we will be in touch with leasing opportunities.